Collection: Ricciarelli di Siena

A living tradition since the XNUMXth century

The union between sweet and bitter almonds creates the dough from which small sweets are cut, known since the XNUMXth century as “morselletti”. According to legend, it was after Ricciardetto della Gherardesca's return from the crusades, that the name of ricciarello became popular, which originates from the curled slippers of the eastern sultans. As evidence of the tradition of this product, ancient apothecaries are still visible today near Piazza del Campo di Siena which retain frescoed ceilings with gold writings praising Ricciarelli, Panforti and other typical local sweets made in the ancient shops. The goodness of Ricciarelli Nannini is due to the simplicity of the ingredients and to the craftsmanship of the pastry chefs who hand down a classic recipe to which Nannini has added the chocolate variant.