About Us

The history of the Nannini brand has been linked to Siena for over a hundred years. It is among the historic palaces of the city of the Palio that the elegant cafes are born and the typical sweets of the Sienese tradition take shape, which today come out of the city walls to be appreciated abroad.

To retrace his steps, one must go back to the early twentieth century when Guido Nannini opened the "Ideal Bar" in the historic center of the city. Already in 1930, the company obtained the license as a "liqueur and pastry factory" from which the confectionery business that would have made the Nannini brand famous throughout the world began. In recent years the "Conca d'Oro", the bar that has accompanied entire generations of Sienese, moves to the heart of the city, the current Via Banchi di Sopra, a stone's throw from Piazza del Campo. In a few years the Nannini signs found space in other city squares with the opening of new points of sale and in 1948 the production of panforti, ricciarelli and other typical Sienese sweets began.

But already in 1919 Guido Nannini combined his passion for a subject almost unknown in Italy at the time to the art of pastry-making: roasting. Even today, the Nannini brand continues to provide a state-of-the-art coffee in which the balance between coffees of the best origins blends with experience, technological evolution and professionalism to enhance their qualities, aromas and flavors.

Today the Nannini brand tells a centuries-old history linked to the ability to innovate but always remaining well anchored to tradition, offering, in Italy and around the world, the original taste of Siena and Tuscany