Collection: Panforte of Siena Igp

The energy break that comes from the Middle Ages

The history of Panforte di Siena PGI dates back to the Middle Ages. Already in the thirteenth century in the Sienese countryside breads very rich in honey and spices were produced, which can be considered precursors of panforte. Legend has it that it was considered a food of great value for the success of the Sienese warriors, so much so that they managed to defeat the Florentines in the battle of Montaperti thanks to the energy of the panforte. However, it is from the fifteenth century that the product acquires great notoriety, also thanks to the trade outside the local territory and its appreciation in the refined European courts. This is how the “Panforte Margherita” was born in 1879, in honor of the homonymous queen in sight in Siena for the palio. The Nannini branded Panforte are born from the craftsmanship of the pastry chefs and from the careful selection of raw materials: few and simple ingredients, those of tradition such as almonds, candied fruit and sugar, as the original recipe prescribes.