The Nannini tradition has always been synonymous with high quality coffee. Since the beginning of the last century, when Guido Nannini met some Brazilians passing through Siena. In their stories they told him about the cultivation and mixing of coffee, a process very little known at that time in Italy, but very widespread in their country. Thus was born the passion for coffee so much to be the first, in the
city ​​of the Palio, to replace the old coffee maker with a revolutionary tool for the time: a steam machine that produced a drink so pleasant to conquer, in a short time, a dense group of admirers. Thus was born the story of the Nannini espresso that Alessandro, having abandoned the Formula One driver's suit, dedicates himself to bringing outside the walls of Siena. A pleasure to be enjoyed at the bar or
home through different solutions: ground or in grains, up to capsules and pods suitable for the most popular espresso machines.

We are looking for the best coffee origins in all production areas in the world: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Vietnam. But it is only after that our roaster evaluates the quality and characteristics that arrive at the factory. Here the greenery is kept in a silo, consisting of 16 compartments, each dedicated to the individual origin.
It is the details that make the difference: Nannini coffee comes from a peculiarity, that of roasting each single type of green coffee separately, without mixing them raw. Only in this way the unique characteristics of each origin are not lost: the aromas and the different reactions that are triggered by the roasting process.

The roasting process combines technological innovation and artisan experience: the management software guarantees the uniformity of roasting, but it is the roaster, making use of its thirty years of experience to modify the roasting curves according to the type and characteristics of raw coffee. All this to ensure consistency of taste in the cup. Ours is a "light" roasting, with times slightly shorter than the common ones, to avoid that the product expresses too much bitterness in the cup and does not present the "wet" effect to the eye.
It is in mixing that the real art of the roaster is expressed, who takes the role of a chef to compose a perfect blend. This is where experience and the ability to be guided by the senses to mix the different types of coffee come into play. At this point the mixture rests a few days before being ready to receive the Nannini brand.