Semifreddo with cantuccini and vin santo

Semifreddo with cantuccini and vin santo

Tasty and inviting spoon dessert

Ideal for your summer dinners with friends. A fresh and quick to prepare dessert that recalls the Tuscan tradition. Excellent at the end of a meal or for a quick snack. Accompanied with the same vin santo of the preparation of the semifreddo, it gives joy to the palate.

Who doesn't love cooling off with a fresh and appetizing dessert in the summer? Our recipe is just for you. With simple ingredients and easy to prepare, you can show off your cooking skills and amaze your friends. Cantuccini and vin santo are just waiting for you.

The ingredients for the semifreddo with cantuccini and vinsanto are few and easily available. You will therefore need:


The semifreddo with cantucci and vinsanto requires a few steps and is quick and easy to prepare.

The first step is to whip the cream. To facilitate this process, we advise you to place it in the freezer or fridge before mounting it, so that it is cold when you go to work it.

In the second step you have to separate the yolks from the egg white, being careful not to let any trace of yolks go into the egg whites. Once divided, whip the latter until stiff. A little trick to see if your egg whites are perfectly stiff: lift the bowl and if the egg whites remain completely still it means that you have been successful and are ready for your recipe.

Then take the remaining egg yolks and add them to the sugar. Beat them with whips until the mixture is clear.

Once the yolks are ready, add the egg whites and then the cream. Mix until you have a homogeneous cream.

Now instead you will take care of the cantuccini. Crush your cookies into fine crumbs with the help of a food processor or mixer. Then spread a layer of chopped cantuccini in an aluminum cup and sprinkle with vin santo.

At this point add a layer of cream and on top of it, add a layer of crumbled cantuccini again. Finish with the last layer of cream with a final sprinkling of cantucci.

Then cover with aluminum and put it in the freezer.

Then create the garnish for your semifreddo with cantuccini and vin santo. To do this, toast some cantucci crumbs in the oven. Meanwhile, create a vin santo-based sauce by adding 1 clove to it, a piece of cinnamon and thicken with a little cornstarch dissolved in cold water.

Finally put your sauce on the plate, add the semifreddo and sprinkle with toasted cantuccini. Your semifreddo with cantuccini and vin santo is ready to amaze your guests.


Small tip:

You can make your recipe unique by using our Cantucci variants each time, for a delicious alternative. For example the cantucci with delicious bits of chocolate or cantucci with toasted hazelnuts, they will give an extra touch to your dessert.

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