Refund policy

 In case of delivery of the damaged product and visible from the outside, you must not accept the goods from the courier and therefore communicate the refusal to our customer service. In the event that it is damaged when the package is opened, it is necessary to document with photos and send to the email requesting its intervention. In this case, all costs are borne by us. From time to time we will decide whether to send a whole new supply, integrate it only for damaged products or return the money.


How will the money be returned to me?

The refund takes place directly on the credit card used for the order, or the customer's bank details will be requested to proceed with the refund by bank transfer. 
The shop operates all over the world and all transactions, even in foreign currency, are converted into Euros following payment.

When will the refund be made?

The refund will be processed as soon as you have the information necessary to evaluate the customer's request. 
Attention: if the payment is made by credit card, the refunds to be visible on your bank statement can take a few days. The refund will be displayed with the description "Order refund # ............ of ............ Authorization code ............ "

Customer service 

For any clarification, contact our customer service at the email address