• The pandoro truffles

    The leftovers of pandoro after Christmas can be reused in the creation of an innovative and tasty dessert: the pandoro truffles.

  • Apple and Panettone Pudding

    Every year at Christmas we eat the typical panettone, but what if this year we rely on the imagination and the creation of something new?
  • Christmas traditions in Italy and Siena

    Every year the Christmas period brings magic to all cities of the world and Siena is no exception with its Christmas spirit.
  • The Feast of Saint Lucia in Siena

    Among the various festivals that take place in Siena, the one dedicated on December 13 to Santa Lucia is famous, with a market where you can find Christmas decorations and sweets.
  • The nativity scene in the city of Siena, in search of the perfect Christmas atmosphere

    Siena and its nativity scenes The Christmas period brings cities to decorate their streets and squares with lights and Christmas trees, but they cannot ace ...
  • Sant'Ansano, the symbol of Siena celebrated on December 1st

    The first patron saint of Siena, Sant'Ansano, is celebrated every year on December 1st, also starting the Contrada year.
  • Spaghettoni with red wine and bacon

    Spaghetti and wine are always a winning combination. Usually we imagine a plate of pasta accompanied by a glass of wine, but why not try something new and combine these two products in a single dish?
  • Coffee crusted chicken

    Coffee is commonly known as a drink, but there are other ways to enrich your recipes with this product, such as coffee-crusted chicken.
  • The history of the city of Siena through its monuments

    The history of a city today can be retraced thanks to the various monuments and Siena is rich in both history and monuments ready to be visited by many tourists.
  • Cheesecake with cantucci and vinsanto

    Cheesecake with cantucci and vinsanto. Variant of the much loved cheesecake in the Tuscan version.
  • IGP branded EVO oil, what it means and other excellences with this brand.

    IGP mark. Quality guarantee for extra virgin olive oil, ricciarelli and panforte.
  • Coffee tagliatelle with white meat sauce

    Coffee tagliatelle with white meat sauce. Intriguing and mouthwatering, this recipe will make you experience the intense flavor of coffee in a new version.
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