• IGP branded EVO oil, what it means and other excellences with this brand.

    IGP mark. Quality guarantee for extra virgin olive oil, ricciarelli and panforte.
  • Coffee tagliatelle with white meat sauce

    Coffee tagliatelle with white meat sauce. Intriguing and mouthwatering, this recipe will make you experience the intense flavor of coffee in a new version.
  • The 6 best Tuscan desserts according to Nannini

    A selection of the best Tuscan desserts. From gingerbread to schiacciata with grapes, a journey into the Tuscan confectionery tradition. 
  • Variegated coffee semifreddo with layers of dark chocolate

    Variegated coffee semifreddo with layers of dark chocolate. A fresh and sweet greedy. Perfect for those who love to savor the intensity of coffee with the sweetness of chocolate. 
  • Piazza del Campo, heart and soul of Siena

    Piazza del Campo. An unmistakable place that tells the story of Siena.
  • Roasting: discover the world of coffee

    The roasting process is what gives the coffee beans their extraordinary flavor and unmistakable aroma. The principle of the most popular drink: coffee.
  • Risotto in red wine with Pecorino di Pienza

    Risotto with red wine with Pecorino di Pienza: a combination of tradition and typical products of the Tuscan territory. A simple recipe for a tasty risotto

  • Panforte mascarpone cream cups

    Culinary tradition, the panforte. Revisited together with a delicious mascarpone cream that enhances its flavor.
  • Siena Cathedral: Culture and Tradition

    The Cathedral of Siena is located in the heart of the city center, characterized by an Italian Roman-Gothic style.
  • Ricciarelli di Siena IGP flavored ice cream with vin santo reduction

    products that relate to tradition Craving for dessert? The ice cream is always there ready to satisfy your craving for dessert. Its thousand versions for ...
  • Eat Outside Day in Tuscany

    with local specialties, which include panzanella and cantucci The Day Eat Outside (eating out) is a classic celebration of both those delicious ...
  • Semifreddo with cantuccini and vin santo

    Tasty and inviting spoon dessert Ideal for your summer dinners with friends. A fresh and quick to prepare dessert that recalls the tra ...