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The pandoro truffles

Delicious and simple to prepare

We know that when we talk about Christmas we are also talking about pandoro feast. In the homes of Italians, pandoro never fails in December. From those purchased directly, from those given away by work colleagues or guests who come to visit for the holidays, the pandoro never fails.

Pandoro with chocolate - Nannini Dolci e Caffè

And certainly there is no shortage of leftovers after Christmas Day either. For this reason why don't we imagine a creative and unusual way to reuse the leftovers of our panettone?

A recipe that you can prepare with the leftovers of the Christmas pandoro, which also does not even require the use of the oven, is that of the pandoro truffles. That of pandoro truffles is a simple and quick recipe, but also very tasty.

Truffles are chocolates, whose name derives from the similarity of the shape to that of the mushrooms of the same name, made with chocolate, butter, eggs and bitter cocoa. Many varieties of this dessert, which became popular at the beginning of the twentieth century, have been created. Turning traditional sweets into truffles is spreading in the kitchen and today is the time to see a Christmas variation.


For the pandoro truffles:

  • 400 gr Pandoro
  • 50 ml of rum
  • 16 gr of honey
  • 100 grams of dark chocolate 

To cover the truffles:

  • 150 grams of dark chocolate
  • just enough of dark chocolate chips 
  • just enough of chopped hazelnuts


After having obtained all the ingredients you need to make this recipe, you have to start by putting the in a saucepan rum and honey and let it heat up.

Then the 100 grams of dark chocolate, on which the hot rum is then poured until it is dissolved. After you have to let it cool down.

When the rum chocolate mixture has cooled down enough, it must be crumbled Pandoro and add it to the mixture. Now you have to mix everything with your hands, in order to obtain a homogeneous dough.

Pandoro truffles - Nannini Dolci e Caffè

When the dough is ready, it is necessary to obtain balls more or less the size of a walnut and they must be placed on a plate.

After doing this you have to cut the 150 grams of dark chocolate dedicated to the coverage of truffles then melt it in a double boiler or microwave. In the latter case, it must be melted 30 minutes at a time and mixed between one break and another, being careful that the chocolate does not burn. 

Then the balls of dough made previously are dipped in melted dark chocolate and then placed on parchment paper.

Now is the time to sprinkle the surface of each ball with the chocolate chips and chopped hazelnuts

At this point the pandoro truffles are ready, you just need to put them in the fridge for about an hour, so that the covering is firm and crystallized. When the truffles are firm they can be served on our table.

So we have not left behind the leftovers of our pandoro e we have created something new and tasty to share with our family during the holiday period.

For an extra touch

You can replace the rum with the Holy wine to make a variant of the pandoro truffles.

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