On Valentine's Day a heart to celebrate love

Valentine's Day between history and legend 

The feast of lovers that we all celebrate today in conjunction with the memory of St. Valentine was born in 495 AD to try to adapt the traditions of the Roman lupercals to Christian practices. The royal story of the saint to whom this festival is dedicated does not seem to have great connections with lovers, but fortunately the legends come to the rescue. A legend tells that Bishop Valentino saw two young lovers arguing and helped them make peace by holding a rose in their hands. The legends, however, which contributed to making him the protector of couples in love, sees him as the first bishop who married a pagan legionary and a young Christian in marriage.

How lovers use to celebrate Valentine's Day around the world

 Over the centuries, the celebrations of February 14 have undergone numerous changes up to today. Even in modern times, however, Valentine's Day is celebrated with different traditions based on the country of origin. In the United States, for example, lovers have no age, everyone from children to adults is used to exchanging cards with romantic phrases or drawings. In some high schools choirs are commissioned to sing songs to dedicate to the beloved or loved one. Even in Germany couples are used to exchanging cards, while in Spain the thing that is most appreciated are the roses. Among the most particular traditions we find the Japanese one in which women give chocolates to men, even if not engaged, who then have to return March 14 with white chocolate.

The Nannini Pastries give you a new tradition

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As we have seen the traditions are many, but the Nannini pastry shops they want to give you one just for you. Nannini's master pastry chefs are committed to making three types of sweets that are completely different but the same in one thing: the shape. It will be possible to buy a sacher cake or a mimosa or a modern fruit tart in the romantic heart shape. Already at the sight your or your sweetheart will be stunned, but everything takes on even more flavor from the first taste. With Nannini's heart cakes you will surely hit the mark! 

But the surprises don't stop there! If you make a reservation in advance you can request the cake you like best and have it made in the shape of a heart. Why should we miss such an opportunity?!? With the creations of Nannini you will surely take your love for the throat as the best Italian tradition wants. 


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